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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Five for Friday...On Saturday

I am finally linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her awesome Five for Friday linky.  I am so excited to take part in this linky,even if I am a day late, because after this week I only have THREE more Fridays and then it is SUMMER!!  Woot, Woot!!!

We are continuing to master our multiplication and division facts.  We use a great system called Multifry where the kids take timed tests and earn paper 'fries' when they have mastered each individual fact.  The kids are loving earning the fries!  At the end of the unit we have a Multifry Picnic where the kids get to celebrate all their hard work with a McDonald's lunch outside - picnic style.  We also hold our Math Bee on the same day.


I am so incredibly lucky to have my girls attend the school where I teach.  I am so blessed that I am able to be there when they have programs or presentations, and that I get to go on many of their field trips with them.  This week I was able to attend our Community Field Trip with my daughter.  We go to seven different businesses around our community all in one day.  It is a whole lot of on and off the bus, but it is oh so fun!  Since my daughter is in third grade, I went on the field trip with her class as a chaperone, and then the next day went with my own class.  Needless to say, I was exhausted by the end of the second trip, but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything!  One of the stops on our trip is a dairy farm.  Here is my daughter getting to pet a calf.  So adorable!

We are almost through with our embryology unit.  We are incubating 24 eggs and they will begin hatching next week.  Here they are on day one.
And since growing and hatching are such tough work, everyone needs a few friends for encouragement!

We were so blessed to have the family that takes our eggs each year come and give a presentation on the raising of chickens.  They brought many different breeds of chickens for us to see.
There are TEN children in their family and every one of the kids took part in the presentation.  They even brought one of the chickens that they had gotten from us as a chick two years ago.
It was wonderful for my kiddos to see that the chicks that they hatch are so well cared for after they leave us.

And finally...the real (and most adorable) reason that I am a day late posting this.  Meet our new puppy Jameson Patrick.
He is a rescue dog.  My older daughter's Girl Scout troop was holding a fundraiser for the rescue group, and we immediately fell in love with him.  He was born on St. Patrick's Day (hence the name) and he was one of eight puppies.  He was the last one to be adopted.  We like to think of it as he was waiting for the perfect "FUR"ever home!  

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  1. I found you on Currently and love your cute blog design and title. I love your multiplication fries-they look so cool displayed like that. I'm also thinking about beaches and big waves. Thanks for sharing with your newest follower, Heather